List of Articles:

Does God need man?

Is injustice possible with God?

Is the way to God difficult to master?

Is God responsible for natural disasters?

Disentangling the Word of God from the clinging vines

The distortion of God's Word through the ages

How do we worship God?

Can man live without God?

How can God allow so many years of tribulation?

Unable to give God the honour

The Perfect Nature Of God

Wrong concepts about God - God is mysterious: nothing really can be known about Him

Wrong concepts about God - God is unjust: He allows suffering and tribulation and injustice to reign in human affairs

Wrong concepts about God - Where was God when my child suffered and died, why did He not prevent it?

Wrong concepts about God - God is vengeful as portrayed in some books of the Old Testament

Wrong concepts about God - God can change His Laws at will since everything is possible with Him

Did God create evil?
















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