Enough is Enough!


For many years now there have been many insinuations and doubts expressed concerning the three volume 1949/1950 edition of the Grail Message. These insinuations have in recent years increased to such an extent that they have actually in some places achieved critical mass that now indeed the time has come to address this issue head on.

This most important issue must be dealt with objectively so that those who seriously strive for the Light of Truth would not at the last moment allow themselves to be misled just when Salvation knocks at the door through the merciful dispensations of the Grace of God.

As many of us are aware the 1931 edition of the Grail Message is now being promoted as the authentic Grail Message by many circles on the internet and in other places. The speed with which this idea has spread and the ease with which fellow crossbearers have accepted it is really unbelievable.

Here are a few thoughts on the matter which hopefully will help those who are confused by all this and perhaps also new adherents and readers of the Grail Message so that they too might receive clarity on this most important issue.

  • The proponents of the 1931 edition state that Abd-ru-shin did not change the Grail Message between 1938 and 1941. How they came to know this and come to this conclusion nobody knows. Abd-ru-shin had three years to change His Grail Message which had always been under revision because He was always writing new lectures and adding and deleting lectures throughout His writing career. This we all know.
  • So far those who advocate the 1931 edition can only justify the publication of this edition when the origin of Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard are called into question. In short, they would have to deny the origin of these Two for them to justify the publication and the continued dissemination of the 1931 edition. There is more than one website where this is already being attempted whereby personal attacks are being levelled at these Two. This is in fact the only way that they can justify their actions. Essentially by besmirching others and we can all draw our own conclusions about those who use these tactics.
  • If indeed we as crossbearers are actually convinced about the origin of Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard then we must know that these Two cannot be separated from Abd-ru-shin. They form a Trigone which can never be separated or undermined and attempts to do this would be a direct attempt to oppose the Trigone of the Creator as He works in this Creation and as such would be an affront against Abd-ru-shin Himself.
  • The proponents of the 1931 edition even go so far in their personal attacks against Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard by saying that these Two were "empty shells" only. By this they imply that They were just human spirits to whom Divinity connected Itself for a certain period while Abd-ru-shin was still on earth and they were then left alone again as human spirits once Abd-ru-shin had departed this earth. We all know, however, that this concept of theirs is not possible because Divinity cannot be given or connected to a human spirit. What we have therefore are personal attacks upon personal attacks to justify their own intellectually thought out views of the Grail Message.
  • Some even suggest that the 1949/1950 edition is not powerful enough for our salvation forgetting that our salvation depends entirely on our own persistent personal efforts after having being shown the way in the Grail Message. Those who say this expose the nature of their spirits to the discerning eye.
  • Even assuming that Abd-ru-shin did not change His Grail Message during those years of 1938-1941, we must realise that "spiritual" communication between Abd-ru-shin and Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard was continuous and uninterruptible and He was fully capable of "spiritually" mediating whatever changes that He wanted made to the Grail Message to these Two and they were fully capable of receiving these mediations. But He actually changed His Grail Message before His passing on as attested to by Fraulein Irmingard in her 1956 declaration unless of course we are now saying that Fraulein Irmingard was capable of deception which indeed would be a great presumption on the part of the human spirit considering the origin of this Being.
  • There were apparently instances while Abd-ru-shin was still on earth whereby already the personalities of Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard were being attacked and Abd-ru-shin repeatedly stated that He regarded any personal attacks on His family, that is, on Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard as personal attacks on Himself. Could Abd-ru-shin have been more clear as to the high regard He had for These women? Especially when we now hear it being advanced that Abd-ru-shin had inwardly separated from Frau Maria. How could He have been inwardly separated from Her when He repeatedly warned crossbearers at that time to desist from the personal attacks? How could small developed human spirits voice an opinion on matters which we would never be able to understand? These are nothing but personal opinions of those who advanced these theories as an excuse for their own personal weaknesses.
  • Again we are allowing the great purity, power and beauty of the 1949/1950 edition of the Grail Message to be taken from us too easily by those who would dare challenge the authority of these Two Female Beings so that gradually it would become lost to us.
  • When will human beings ever accept what we are presented from the Light with humility, simplicity and gratitude without intellectual and subtle suggestions which are tools of the darkness? It is as if once again we are allowing the darkness to attack what is most sacred so that it would gradually lose its power of salvation for us.
  • If Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard have published the 1949/1950 edition of the Grail Message and have told us that that was the last wish of Abd-ru-shin, then that should have been good enough for us human beings. We do not have the authority to challenge these Two. What do we think that they had to gain by being deceptive? After all they had to go through for the sake of human beings, in addition to all the trouble and expense to which that publication would have cost them? This indeed is another sacrifice of love and a labour of love on Their part as they could have left the 1931 edition as it was. The wish to follow Abd-ru-shin's instructions was what made them go the extra mile in spite of all the effort and trouble this would have cost them to publish the 1949/1950 edition.
  • It is also to be realized that the great fall of mankind while Abd-ru-shin was on earth absolutely necessitated a revision of the Grail Message as the "last hand" which He bequeath to us in a final form which must now be released for all mankind and to all countries.
  • Additionally the Grail Message of the "last hand" must be presented as absolutely unassailable and absolutely objective so that its opponents would have nothing that they could use as an excuse either for themselves or in their attempts to confuse those who seek the Truth.
  • This latest effort at denigrating the three volume 1949/1950 edition is clearly an attempt by the darkness to take away the most important treasure available for our salvation, indeed the core of our existence.
  • It is advisable for each and every one of us to sit quietly and intuitive reflect on these things and it should immediately become clear which is the right course. It is of great importance to make sure that we do not spiritually separate ourselves from the three volume 1949/1950 edition of the Grail Message because once we do it may be very difficult if not impossible to go back to It.











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