The Gospel According to Matthew


It is perhaps appropriate for us to examine the Words of Jesus from an objective standpoint and through that glean an idea of the real reason for His Coming. It is reasonable to assume that by examining His Words ourselves we will be able to arrive at a reasonable conclusion as to the true nature of His Mission.

Jesus went into the wilderness at a particular point in His Life to gain more clarification as to the nature of His Mission and also as to the nature of His origin. After gaining clarification, He went among the people to fulfil His Mission. It is, however, this Mission and its nature that most people have not understood. The true Mission of Jesus many have asserted was just to come to this earth, die and carry the sins of mankind on Himself without further ado.

In fact, this is the prevailing conception and no one has thought for centuries to challenge this notion. It has been accepted as the norm in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. It is better if we take nothing for granted but make the effort to examine Jesus’ Word to see if perhaps His sole intention was to die and carry humanity’s sins on His shoulders. This calls for a sentence by sentence examination of the Word of Jesus, something akin to a commentary.


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1. The Beginning of Jesus' Mission

2. The Beatitudes

3. Warning to Believers

4. Fulfilment of the Laws of God

5. The New Law

6.Avoiding conceit, hypocrisy and spiritual arrogance

7.The proper way to pray and the Lord's Prayer

8. The spiritual comes first

9. The importance of self-examination before criticizing others

10. The overwhelming importance of righteousness

11. Power over the forces of nature

12. Power over evil spirits

13. The Divine Power to forgive sins

14. The raising of Jairius' daughter

15. The sending out of the Twelve

16. Jesus' moral strength and severity

17. The difficult road for believers

18. Reassurance for believers

19. The Word of God as a two-edged Sword

20. Reassuring John the Baptist's disciples about the genuineness of His Mission

21. About John the Baptist

22. Arrogant and disgruntled generation

23. Upbraiding the cities

24. Simplicity and humility

25. Jesus reveals His true Identity

26. The origin and consequences of thoughts

















27. Jesus' brothers and sisters

28. The consequences of spiritual lassitude

29. The tares and the good seeds

30. The grain of mustard seed.

31. Rejection in His own country

32. Earthly tradition against the Laws of God

33. Jesus' real identity and Peter's declaration

34. The fate of prophets and Jesus' prediction of His own death

35. Simplicity, Childlikeness and Humlity

36. Unconditional and limitless forgiveness

37. The advice to the rich young man

38. Eternal life: the same reward for all

39. The importance of real genuine faith

40. The parable about the fates of prophets and His own death

41. The abandonement of the called people of Isreal

42. The separation of the spiritual from the material

43. No marriage in the hereafter

44. The greatest Commandment

45. Denunciation against conceit, hypocrisy and arrogance

46. Signs of the End Time

47. The great tribulation

48. The Coming of the Son of Man

49. The separation

50. Keeping the lamps of the spirit burning

51. Do not bury your spiritual talents

52. The Judgment by the Son of Man
































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