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The words of these lectures are meant only as a guide. The individual must be able to make up his or her own mind as to the truth contained herein. After all, the spiritual progress of each individual rests solely in their own hands.

The reader may have noticed the numerous references to Abd-ru-shin and his main work entitled: "In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message". He or she may perhaps one day wish to examine this work. Here follows a comprehensive list of useful addresses:

  • Australia

    The Grail Movement of Australia Kalorama Chalet 9, Falls Road, Kalorama Victoria 3766 Tel. 61-(0)3-728-1185 Fax 61-(0)3-728-1173 e-mail:
  • Belgium

    The Grail Movement of Belgium 25, Chemin de la Truite 25a B-1180 BRUSSELS Tel 32-2-3761102
  • Canada

    Grail Foundation Press 470, Chemin des Hauteurs Lac Simon, Cheneville(Quebec) JOV 1EO Tel 1-819-428-7001 Fax 1-819-428-2642
  • Cameroon

    Grail Movement of Cameroon P. O. Box 2664 Yaounde Cameroon Tel 237-22-45-73 Tel/Fax 237-31-72-53 Tel/Fax 237-22-52-18
  • Democratic Republic of Congo

    Mouvement du Graal en R.D. Congo B. P. 8132 Kinshassa I Republique Democratic du Congo
  • Cote d'Ivoire

    Mouvement du Graal en Cote d'Ivoire Plateau Dokoui Azur III, Villa no. 167 06 BP 903 Cidex 1 Abidjan 06 Cote d'Ivoire Fax 225-44-35-00 Fax 225-44-14-07
  • France

    Mouvement du Graal en France 23, rue Colbert F-93100 Montreuil-sous-Bois Tel 33-1-48-57-93-00 Fax 33-1-48-57-83-92
  • Germany

    Verlag der Stiftung Gralsbotschaft Schuckerstrasse 8 D-70192, Ditzingen Germany Tel 001-49-7156-5096 Fax 001-49-7156-18663
  • Grail Foundation Press - Nigeria

    Grailland, Iju Hills P. O. Box 4157 Lagos, Nigeria Tel 234-01-4920650-3
  • United Kingdom

    Grail Acres Publishing Co. Ltd 23, Hamilton Road Sidcup, Kent DH15 7HB Tel 44 0181-309-0379 Fax 44 0181-309-7105
  • United States of America

    Grail Foundation Press PO Box 45 Gambier, Ohio 43022 Tel 1-740-427-3333/9410 Fax 1-740-427-2314/4954 Tollfree no.: 1-800-427-9217
  • Romania

    Fundatia Miscarea Graalului in Romania
    RO-1995 Ortisoara,
    nr. 362, jud Timis.
    Tel. +40-722-344922

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