The Gospels - A New Edition





The Gospels - A New Edition seeks to set right and bring to the fore the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It logically brings the Message of Christ to the reader without the inconsistencies and contradictions that have hitherto characterized His Message as presented in the well-known Gospels. Jesus Christ spoke to us in a crystal clear language which coming from the Divine could never be inconsistent and wanting in logic.

Everything Divine is logical and clear and His Word coming as it is from God could not be but characterized by beauty, logic and consistency. What we therefore find today as attributed to Jesus of Nazareth have been nothing but the attempts of men who through defective memories, diffidence and religious dogma have set forth as inviolable truth.

It is hoped that this attempt would help serious readers who read with an open mind appreciate at last the Beauty and Power of the Divine Word.

It is important to pay close attention to the headers and also follow the thread of the narrative as the Gospels should have been written in the first place.

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